Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Spyder 2.3.2 is released!

Hi all,

On the behalf of Spyder's development team, I'm pleased to announce that Spyder 2.3.2 has been released and is available for Windows XP/Vista/7/8, GNU/Linux and MacOS X:

This release represents more than 2 months of development since 2.3.1 and introduces major enhancements and new features:

- Editor
  - Improve cells visualization
  - Add support for drag selection and improve look of line number area
  - Open on it any text file present in the Variable Explorer
  - View and edit IPython notebooks as Json files
  - Syntax highlighting for Json and Yaml files

- Variable Explorer:
  - Import csv files as Pandas DataFrames
  - Improve browsing speed for NumPy arrays and DataFrames with more than 1e5 elements

- IPython Console
  - Add a stop button to easily stop computations

We fixed almost 40 bugs, merged 13 pull requests from 8 authors and added about 150 commits between these two releases.

This is a very important bugfix release which solves a lot of unicode problems in our consoles, the variable explorer and the main interface, so everyone is encouraged to update.

For a full list of fixes see our changelog


  1. Nice. Many thanks to to all development team.

  2. Thank you so much for the new features. I really love being able to edit my Pandas.DataFrame in the gui varaible editor. Great work. :-)

  3. is that work with python3 default